Hiking refuges

Perched in the headlands or nestled upon the lakeshores, mountain huts invite you to an original experience.

These shelters await your excursions in the Mercantour and Maritime alpine parks. For the most part, they are far from roads, but these accommodations all share a welcome reserve for walkers. Mountain professionals provide advice and information on tours, weather, fauna, and flora, but can also prepare delicious culinary specialities.

The shelters are of collective accommodation, where everyone can find comfort and intimacy. When each visitor comes through, they become an eco-responsible person, adjusting their consumption of water and electricity according to the restrictions imposed by the place’s isolation. Here, the packages are reduced as is the waste collection. All are invited to bring their waste downstream. The shelters are “schools” of sustainable development in size and an invitation to discover the mountain at any age.

To book the shelters, just click:

In the Mercantour Park: http://www.cafresa.org/
In the Maritime Park: http://www.parks.it/parco.alpi.marittime/Fsog.php

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