Instructions for use

The joëlette

The joëlette is a mono-wheel wheelchair suitable for any type of terrain and allows anyone with reduced mobility (child or adult) to walk with the help of four companions in good physical condition. Named after its inventor, Joël Claudel, who created this form of transport to continue to bring in the mountain his nephew affected by a myopathy.

On the French side, since few years, the Mercantour Park is endowed with some joëlette.
On the Italian side, in 2011 the Comunità Montana delle Alpi del Mare has bought, thanks to European funding program Alcotra 2007-2013, two joëlette currently managed by the Parco delle Alpi Marittime, which will make them available to individuals and groups at the faunistic center "Uomnini e Lupi" and at the Visitor Center of Terme di Valdieri. The reception staff at the tourist offices is available to show the way of the fonctionning of the joëlette, before you leave, you have to know this recommendations.

The reception staff of the tourist office are able to demonstrate how to use the joëlette, but there are certainly recommendations to consider.

Conductors' behavior

The companion has the lead role of the front-wheel drive, assuring the traction of the wheelchair with belt specification, in addition to participation in maintaining the joëlette’s balance and helping in overcoming obstacles.

The accompanying rear ensures the overall balance of the medium, eliminating the needs to swing the weight towards the front or the back; they participate in the traction force by exerting pressure on the abdominal strap which connects the two arms of the rear part; therefore ensuring that the joëlette can brake (brake handle).

The two other companions are usually positioned next to the passenger to take care of his or her comfort, help overcome obstacles and push in case of inclines. We advise companions to change positions so that the trip remains a pleasure for everyone. Do not forget that you need five people for the joëlette (the passenger and the companions) and you must listen to the passenger.

Note: in case of steep slopes, some additional escorts may help in pulling the joëlette by using straps placed at the front of the wheelchair.

One password : comfort

The passenger must be comfortable so that the walk is synonymous with pleasure. You should be careful to tighten the belt on the waist and feet. There is an additional belt, to be positioned at the shoulders, to correctly maintain the torso if the person is not well supported. Since the convenience of the passenger is critical from the start, they can chose three different back positions and three different positions to regulate safety valves (agile, medium or hard).

Stable joelette to stop

Before stopping, you have to choose a surface, preferably flat and hard, while taking good care to put the rear stabilizers in place.

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