Encourage accessibility for everyone

In 2010, the Mercantour and Maritime Alps Parks launched a joint policy regarding people with disabilities. The overall objective is to improve access to the natural, cultural and scenic patrimony, for people with special needs. The access is considered in all its forms, especially the natural sites, cultural monuments, landscapes, accommodation facilities and tourist information centres. This strategy encompasses all types of disability (total or partial motor, visual, auditory, mental) and works to better integrate those in the society who have specific needs.

The two parks intend to:

  • focus on social integration, setting up sites and facilities which are open to all,
  • promote the autonomy of the disabled person, allowing them to use their own means to discover the surrounding environment,
  • include accessibility of sites and landscapes within the logic of sustainable development and environmental protection,
  • to establish a partnership with associations working in the disability field.

The development of hiking trails and accessibility to people of diverse abilities is fully a part of this project and is a step towards a “shared nature”.


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