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The first, the original: The Grand Tour of the Marittime Mercantour “Nature and Culture”. A difficult name for a simply fantastic itinerary: a great ring road of 374 kilometers which crosses through ten valleys of the Southern Alps, reaching unmissable points. We start with the Roya Valley and Vermenagna, crossing the Colle di Tenda, an antique obligatory passage on the “Via del Sale” between Nice and Piedmont and the main connection between the two sides. The ring closes on the Authion massif, a fortified mountain overlooking the Mediterranean and the Alps. From a pass to a fortress, from a point of transition to an attempt at creating a barrier: an unbroken history of contacts and exchanges is what distinguishes the current location of the border between Italy and France. In between, other places to fight (Forts of Vinadio, Tournoux, Rimplas) and to “uncross” (Col de La Cayolle, Col de la Bonette), places for prayer (Notre-Dame des Fontaines, Sant’Anna di Vinadio) and places to remain with open mouths at the beauty of the view (Piano del Valasco, Vallone del Bachelard, Lago di Allos, Gole di Daluis, ...) and places where you feel the difficulty of living in the Alps (la borgata di Ferriere, Colmars les Alpes, Péone, Saint Martin Vésubie).

Discover what lies behind the numbered points on the map and prepare your Grand Tour: you just have to get on your way...

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