Inventario Biologico Generalizzato

Roberto Toffoli
Study on Chiropters of the Maritime Alps
Prof. Augusto Vigna Taglianti
Studying Biodiversity
Summer School 2012 - Beth Atkinson
Summer School 2012
Dott. Fabio Stoch
The databases of biodiversity
Dott. Kees van Achterberg
Hymenoptera Insects

All Taxa Biodiversity Inventory

"The diversity of life forms, so numerous that we have yet to identify most of them, is the greatest wonder of this planet."
E.O. Wilson.

Protect the great diversity of our living planet throughout its disappearance if the main challenge that all of us, together with the scientific community, must seize. In order to protect biodiversity, you must know to deploy all the skills provided by scientific research, which can provide the tools to achieve real results.

This is why the Parc National du Mercantour and the Parco Alpi Marittime have, for some time, continued to make the cross-border territory a large study area to protect biodiversity. The extraordinary richness of habitats and species makes this pilot area ideal for a variety of research initiatives, conservation and land management.

The Mercantour Maritime territory houses, since 2007, the first Europe-wide project for the establishment of a biodiversity inventory (All Taxa Biodiversity Inventory), second only to that achieve in the United States in the Smoky Mountains Park. Thanks to the All Taxa Biodiversity Inventory, the two parks have a unique opportunity to vastly increase the knowledge of their own territory and disseminate, in order to encourage the discovery, understand, appreciate and preservation of natural resources.

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