History and Culture

The Southern Alps are not only an unspoilt and beautiful place, but also a land of ancient and intense exchanges between the sea and the mountains, between the coast and the plains. The Maritime Mercantour area has been inhabited and crossed through since prehistoric times: we can tell from the thousands of petroglyphs in the Valley of Wonders. The contacts have multiplied over the centuries: shepherds, merchants, armies, pilgrims, artists, ideas, dialects, all have passed the hills and spread on both sides of lifestyles, accents, customs and traditions, culminating into a fascination game of identities and difference characteristics of the Maritime Mercantour.

The parks are not limited to protecting natural biodiversity, but also protect and enhance the diversity of knowledge in the area: the Atlante del Patrimonio culturale Atlas of Cultural Heritage is the ideal tool to get closer to the other side of the Maritimes and the Mercantour with that patience modelled by generations of mountaineers.

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