Characterized by the mining industry below, the landscape above is redeemed with extensive pastures and forests of beech and chestnut trees.


Leaving the valley, the landscape is wild and full of contrasts, with steep walls, ample pastures, and ponds embedded in the rocks and small stubborn ...


The Stura Valley is the “spin” par excellence, the historic route that leads from Piedmont to Provence through the important Colle della ...

Between Gesso and Stura

The capital of the province, the beautiful medieval city of Cuneo takes its name from the shape of the plateau on which it stands, at the confluence ...


With 80 km of length and a total area of approximately 94000 hectares Ubaye is a whole world to explore.

Upper Verdon

The meeting ground between Provence and the Great Alps, the Upper Verdon distils the best of both worlds: it is an essence that smells of sea and snow.

Var and Cians

Landscape of woods and meadows of hay, the hamlets and villages accented with balconies kissed by the sun


Tinée is a valley of stark contrasts and rapid landscape alterations, both Mediterranean and Alpine. A crossroad of cultures and climates, nestled ...


Vésubie is a steep valley, traversed by a stream in a hurry to get to the Var, leaving behind the higher peaks of the Maritime Alps and, in its ...


Among the olive groves of Breil and Sospel and the alpine stars of the Colle di Tenda there is a trickle of water 60 km long, stretched between the ...

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